If not, I hope the following information helps you understand the project more clearly.

  • Block chain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the world, and the diamond industry is no exception.
  • And CERESGLOBAL is specializing in gem mining, has recognized the potential of Blockchain Technology and is determined to become a pioneer in the Diamond Supply Chain worldwide to apply Blockchain  Technology to its business model.
  • CERESGLOBAL recognized the potential of diamond listing  using blockchain, which will reduce intermediaries in order to focus on benefits of both customers and businesses.
  • CERESGLOBAL provides a full ecosystem for the Diamond Industry from supply chain solutions, to diamond tracking and certification, and finally decentralized exchange for diamond trading and related services. 
  • CERESGLOBAL focuses on integrating the best features of the conventional diamond industry with the utility and functionality of the latest blockchain technology.

Attraction of SOCTF Electronic Stocks

  • SOCTF is considered by experts to be a jewel in the financial industry in 2021, because it is not only supported by the Ceres Global group with more than 50 years in the jewelry and gem business, but it is also supported by Blockchain believers. 
  • It can be said that this move of the Ceres Trust Fund is a very bold step, and also a step that promises to bring extremely positive results to the financial market in early 2021. 
  • To be exact, with this strategic move, the Ceres Investment Trust is giving investors an opportunity to bring diamond value.

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