Ceres Trust Fund was established in 2005 as a group specializing in providing trust services, trading authorizations, and investment management in the field of foreign exchange.

Ceres Trust Fund was founded by Ceres Global and a Wall Street group of individuals, along with analysts in the stock market such as Nasdaq, S&P500, etc. They are knowledgeable about the psychology and behavior of individual investors as well as having seniority in the field of securities analysis in the most dynamic market in the world. With many years of experience in researching market movements, especially the changes in Wall Street from the market crash in 1929, the change of the gold standard system during World War Il. US Dollar position. Until the real experience in the 90s when Asian financial markets collapsed, Gulf wars, 9/11 terrorist attacks, Irag wars ... they accumulated a treasure for themselves massive knowledge. The CEO of Ceres Trust Fund was also a member of the advisory team for the IMF to activate emergency monetary mechanism to help the world financial market escape the crisis in 2003.

Attraction of SOCTF Electronic Stocks

- SOCTF is considered by experts to be a jewel in the financial industry in 2021, because it is not only supported by the Ceres Global group with more than 50 years in the jewelry and gem business, but it is also supported by Blockchain believers. 
- It can be said that this move of the Ceres Trust Fund is a very bold step, and also a step that promises to bring extremely positive results to the financial market in early 2021. 
- To be exact, with this strategic move, the Ceres Investment Trust is giving investors an opportunity to bring diamond value.
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